Barbara Bush Foundation For Family Literacy Board

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy (BBFFL) seeks to improve lives through literacy. Mrs. Bush launched BBFFL in 1989, to support parents with unmet literacy needs so they could learn alongside their young children. For over three decades, it has been the nation’s leading advocate for literacy, expanding access to literacy services for adults nationwide, believing that the ability to read, write, and comprehend brings dignity to daily life and equal opportunity to fulfill one’s greatest potential. We’re facing a literacy crisis in the United States. As one in five adults in the U.S. struggle to read basic sentences, improved literacy rates have the power to strengthen the national economy by boosting labor productivity, cutting billions of dollars in healthcare costs, and breaking the cycle of poverty for families in need. BBFFL has provided more than $110 million in support to literacy programs in all 50 states and has impacted millions of lives. Lori joined the Investment Committee of BBFFL in 2016 and became a member of the Board in 2018. She was elected to serve as Vice Chair of the Board in 2019.
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Barbara Bush Foundation For Family Literacy Board
"Board Members, from left to right: Back row: Chris Frangione, Tricia Reilly Koch, Jeb Bush Jr., British A. Robinson, Jean Becker, Christine Pina, Governor Bob Wise, Gwynn Virostek. Front row: Lori Wachs, Doro Bush Koch, Peggy Conlon, David Beré"

At the National Summit on Adult Literacy with Peggy Conlon (Board Chair) and British Robinson (President and CEO Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy)

With honored authors at the National Celebration of Reading, from left, Dave Barry (author), Governor Jeb Bush, Ali Velshi, Susan Page (author), and Brad Meltzer (author)