About Lori Wachs

President of Cross Ledge Investments

Lori WachsLori Wachs is a Magna Cum Laude graduate and a Benjamin Franklin Scholar from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in finance, and minored in East Asian studies. She graduated with honors, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Immediately after graduating, Lori worked as an analyst in the Equity Risk Arbitrage department of Goldman Sachs, from 1990-1992.

Having moved to Pennsylvania to start a family, Lori joined Philadelphia-based Delaware Investments in 1992, as an analyst in the company’s small/mid-cap growth equity group, focusing on the consumer sector. In 1997 Lori was promoted to Vice President & Portfolio Manager, where she helped oversee the investment of $4 billion in various institutional and mutual fund products.

Active in marketing the investment products she manages, Lori has been featured regularly on ABC Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight, CNBC, Bloomberg News and Fox News Channel as an expert on retail and consumer investments, fashion trends, buying behavior and retailing best practices.

Cross Ledge InvestmentsIn August of 2010, Lori and two former long-time colleagues from Delaware Investments launched a hedge fund, Cross Ledge Investments. The fund ranked in the top 13% of the HFR All Funds universe when it reached its three year performance record in August of 2013.

Born in New York City, Lori now lives in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania with her two children. She travels regularly to New York to spend time with her husband, Ali Velshi, whom she first met when she was a guest on his show on CNN, and who now hosts a daily prime time business show on Al Jazeera.

Lori joined the Trustees Council for Penn Women (TCPW) in 2007, and currently co-chairs the career networking committee.

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